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Fuck those haters. They're just jealous. Nothing but tricks and hoes.
chris84tattoos chris84tattoos Said:

Thanks babe I don’t pay attention ┬áto losers though so I’m good. I guess she wants to talk shit because she knows what she did is wrong. Oh wait no that would mean shes human and has a heart. We all know she doesnt. So not sure why she keeps e mailing me over and over after I’ve asked her to not contact me any more. Oh well she’ll get over it in jail. lol

I know your coming back in 2 weeks so do me a favor nd don't bother me or interfere with my life when you do, your no longer my business and I'm no longer yours.
chris84tattoos chris84tattoos Said:

Your sad. I’ve told you to stop contacting me. What dont you get about it? Get a life and stop thinking about me. Bye!

Asker Anonymous Asks:
You need help. I feel so bad for you. Hopefully you'll get your head out of your ass and start acting your age. Try to move on with your life. Your such a sad person, I was crossing my fingers jail would help. Your the same though from what ive seen.
chris84tattoos chris84tattoos Said:

stonerdrogyny if you have something to say dont do it anonymous like the pussy you are. Have fun in jail. Dont worry about my life i dont have no worries. Move on with my life? HA! you took all my stuff in the world you dumb cunt. Your only a user you will never be nothing more but a user and a loser.


*smug look*

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